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What do experts say about Advanced Work Packaging? (part 1)

In favor of AWP implementation:

Expert A

  • Provides an appropriate level of guidance to contractors concerning work face planning

  • Productivity and predictability payoffs will win over all project parties

Expert B

  • Improves project cost accuracy: more accurate cost estimate and cost tracking due to the better defined scope of work

Expert C

  • Is a great tool to draw the workforce around the work to be performed

  • Encourages short-term planning for IWP execution and emphasizes constraints removal

  • Provide the necessary interface between the work face and the use of scarce resources.

Expert D

  • Is an effective approach to increase construction productivity helps matching the engineering sequence with the construction sequence

Expert E

  • Reduces the construction schedule

  • Reduces the exposure to safety risk

  • Emphasizes the front-end consideration and communication

Expert F

  • Buy-in business case does exist

  • The results are beginning to persuade owners

  • More evidence and metrics will become available as advanced work packaging is implemented more dominantly in industry

Expert G

  • Model provides the “why” and “how” to consider work face planning through the entire project lifecycle

  • Protects construction personnel's time from tasks such as chasing materials

Experts Group H

  • Is coherent with leadership from owners and contractors

  • Fosters more involvement from engineering

  • Fosters cultural changes

Excerpts from Olfa Hamdi's thesis

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