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Sharing your company's journey with Advanced Work Packaging:


While work-packaging in general has been, for a long time, a core theme in capital projects management body of knowledge, both from a research and an industry perspective, there is still a lot to be done to enahnce Advanced Work Packaging development and implementation,


The Advanced Work Packaging framework as we know it today is incomplete, and is anchored in empiricism, which is where most system modeling started.


The Advanced Work Packaging Institute aims at shifting the industry's project planning perspective by acknowledging the uncertainty and the risk that come with executing projects and managing organizational transformations around projects. We do that by first, recognizing that the AWP implementation is still experience driven and that the context in which the AWP framework is implemented is very important to the outcome of the implementation and second, by continuously researching innovative scheduling and planning techniques with great potential on field and office productivity.


That is why, within the Institute, we encourage suggestions and experience reporting for the evolving of the Advanced Work Packaging implementation within the various profiles of project organizations and industries.


If you have a need as a project professional implementing AWP or have encountered specific implementation of good practices or challenges that you believe would be valuable to share with the community and be subject of research and documentation, or if you have materials to share with others in the capital projects world, please feel free to suggest it as a future topic for a workshop or case study by emailing us directly at: .


The AWP Institute is a research and educational non profit organization that provides a platform for your project, your organization, your experience and your company to have an outside the box, INDEPENDENT, perspective view on your AWP implementation journey (and strategy).


We are big believers in sharing, community and other innovative multidisciplinary approaches to improving our industry. Accordingly, this site is open to the suggestions and contributions of skilled people of all technical fields interested in the world of capital projects. If you’d like to contribute content such as case examples or expert interview, feel free to suggest what you’d like to contribute by emailing us or using the contact form below.


The AWP platform is open to various industry segments from owners to contractors of all type.


Our core values: the AWP Institute does not endorse any company or product mentioned within the case study description. The AWP Institute recognizes that research and implementation on AWP is a continuous process within the industry; thus, we aim at fostering the overall discussion, research and education while being in line with our values: independence, integrity and responsibility.


Many thanks for your encouragements!

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