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WorkFace Planner

These positions are expected to produce discipline specific IWPs utilizing the templates that have been developed by the Construction Contractor for each discipline of work. These planners are expected to coordinate and collaborate with the respective discipline superintendents and/or general foremen to ensure that the IWPs when released to the field already have the “buy-in” of these key individuals.

This is a new position in the Construction Contractor’s Organization compared to traditional projects.

Essential Duties (Roles and Responsibilities)

- Ensure each IWP is fully completed using the Construction Contractor’s templates.

- To collaboratively work with the respective discipline Superintendents and/or General Foremen to get their input and “buy-in” of the final product before it is issued to the field.

Complete mandatory training to ensure they completely understand their key role in the implementation of AWP

Construction Manager within AWP

This position will be responsible to ensure the commitment and alignment of all construction stakeholders to implement AWP. This includes ensuring that appropriate resources are made available for the integrative planning sessions to have adequate input into the development of the Path of Construction.

This should not be a new project position on the Organization Chart. The additional requirements of supporting and implementing AWP would be added to the scope of this position.

Essential Duties (Roles and Responsibilities)

  • Ensure personnel in the CM organization are committed to and aligned with the implementation of AWP on the project.

  • Ensure the Project’s Contracting Strategy and the Construction Execution Strategy reflects the implementation of AWP.

  • Ensure qualified construction resources are appropriately engaged during the Front End to establish the CWP boundaries and the Path of Construction.

  • Develop AWP Execution Plan, including CM staffing plan and training plan for both CM and Contractor personnel.

  • Ensure the requirements for AWP are clearly defined in all Requests for Proposals as well as final contractual agreements with Contractors.

  • Ensure the adequacy of Contractors AWP execution and staffing plans.

  • Ensure resources are assigned to cover the interface planning during the Front End and to provide coverage during the construction phase.

  • Ensure that construction input is provided for successful transition from the bulk construction phase into the systems based commissioning and start-up of the project.


This position is responsible for ensuring that the project AWP is implemented by all members of the Construction Management Organization and the Construction Contractors. This position also ensures that all mandatory training for Construction Management Organization and Construction Contractors’ personnel is completed.

This may be a new position within the Project Organization Chart. However, the additional responsibilities of the position could be added to an existing senior member of the construction management organization staff. 

Essential Duties (Roles and Responsibilities)

  • Actively participate in integrated planning sessions to ensure professional construction input is incorporated into the Path of Construction.

  • Ensure construction resources are invited and actively participate in the integrated planning sessions.

  • Ensure the aspects of the AWP are followed and notify the Construction Manager when non-conformance issues are identified. Ensure that all construction contracts clearly specify that the Contractor is required to implement AWP. The contracts should reference procedures the Contractor is expected to follow and listing all inputs/deliverables the Contractor is required to provide.


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