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Introduction to Advanced Work Packaging

What is Advanced Work Packaging?

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a construction-driven planning and collaboration system for building capital projects that is sharply focused on creating a constraint-free work environment in the field. It requires that detailed work packages be created early in the project lifecycle; i.e., in advance. These work packages must be informed by a Project Execution Plan and a detailed Path of Construction and supported by a comprehensive and disciplined stakeholder integration. Removing field constraints -- ensuring that people have the equipment, materials and instructions to complete their work -- reduces idle time, increases labour productivity and improves project outcomes. For these reasons, AWP is currently considered a best practice in the field of capital construction.


















How is AWP different from standard work packaging?

Standard work packaging is not construction-driven. Standard systems bring in construction leaders just before the shovels go into the ground, whereas AWP requires that construction leaders be involved in planning from the outset. Standard systems organize work packages around engineering, design or a myriad of other drivers, whereas AWP requires that work packages be organized solely around the Path of Construction.

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