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Certified Workface Planner

What is the Workface Planning Certification?  


The AWP Institute and the Concord Academy provide unrivaled foundational knowledge in Workface Planning so you can tackle new capital project challenges with total confidence. It offers a comprehensive, structured education focused entirely on the concepts, systems, and tools that matter most for capital project professionals.

Concord Academy Certifications

Concord Academy Certifications

Certified Workface Planner

Why Choose Concord Certification?

Concord Academy training is self-paced and delivered entirely online, so you can complete your training anywhere with an internet connection, on your own schedule. In an increasingly competitive job environment, Concord Certification shows current and prospective employers that you’ve mastered the fundamentals and you’re serious about building your career in capital projects.

Concord Academy – Key Features 

With a no-hassle enrollment and the ability to work at your own pace, Concord Academy's online learning platform is the solution for the times. Once you enroll you will have:

  • Video lessons from industry experts

  • In-lesson discussions

  • The ability to ask questions to instructors

  • Opportunities to retake quizzes or entire lessons to reinforce learning

Concord's Online Courses have Received a 4.6/5 Rating in Response to this Question:

"How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend, partner, colleague?”

Earning and Maintaining Your Certification as a Workface Planner  

To become a Certified Workface Planner™ you must complete the requisite courses and pass all associated tests. The certificate is valid for two years and can be showcased on your LinkedIn profile, company website, or email signature.


The Concord Certification Program is a community-driven initiative, and in order to maintain your certification, you must give back to our industry community by sharing your experiences as a practitioner. You can earn credit by responding to Concord practitioner surveys, presenting at conferences, mentoring teammates, or any other activity that contributes to improving capacity in the capital project sector.

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