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Feedback on this site, the resources and specific content is warmly welcomed. Please either provide it as comments on each section or resource at the comment boxes, or if you prefer, you may also email us with your feedback at: or send us your message using the comments box below.


Suggestions and Contributions

Within the Institute, we are specifically looking for suggestions for the evolving of the Advanced Work Packaging implementation within the various profiles of project organizations and industries. If you have a need as a project professional implementing AWP or have encountered specific implementations that you believe would be valuable to look at, research and address or if you have materials to share with others in thecapital projects world, please feel free to suggest it as a future topic for a workshop or case study by leaving a note below or emailing us directly at:


We are big believers in sharing, community and other innovative multidiscplinary approaches to improving our industry. Accordingly this site is open to the suggestions and contributions of skilled people. If you’d like to contribute content such as case examples, feel free to suggest what you’d like to contribute by emailing us or using the contact form below.


Many thanks for your encouragements!



"I view the as a great resource for the industry without the compelling company and committee membership framework"— Glen


"I would like to congratulate you on this article. Actually engaging as much as possible of the stakeholders in stage 1 you mentioned is key solution of the vast majority of projects disputes that start to appear in the execution stage. " — Abdullah I


" I use the information to introduce clients to AWP in my consulting work" —  Bill


" Nice website, easy to naviguate and very thoughtful information" __ anonymous


"Excellent resource for understanding all aspects of AWP" __ Scott


I learned a lot from this webinar. Thank you for sharing with the industry the information.” — Sami Z


""Thank you for this master Presentation. " Azzouz D


"Delighted to see the importance which is given to a proper constructability review, not everybody/company is aware of such key element during the project develpment."— Julio R


""Really enjoyed this presentation, thank you" Fortunato P


""Great presentation! Like you, I'm a Project Manager / Facilitator with an Engineering Degree. I've worked on mega projects for 20 years and every time I face the issues you mentioned. I have held out hope that one day this situation would change, that perhaps the business need would drive organizations to be more productive and cooperative, but as your shocking slide showed, we are actually going in the opposite direction! Thanks so much for sharing! " Deborah L.

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