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What is Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)?

"Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a disciplined approach to improving project productivity and predictability. It accomplishes this by aligning planning and execution activities across the project lifecycle, from project setup to startup and turnover." (RT272, Construction Industry Institute and Construction Owners Asscoiation of Alberta, 2013)

AWP is a more complete set of work packaging practices than WorkFace Planning. It covers not only construction but also the early stages of the project and adds to the system more control over the breakdown of the project through its lifecycle. (Hamdi, 2013)

The essence of AWP is conveyed in the Figure below. The figure shows two main overlapping parts of the Advanced Work Packaging lifecycle: the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) part along with the Detailed Engineering (DE) phase from one side and the WorkFace Planning (WFP) part on the other side depicting the execution phase. Items mentioned within the blue and yellow circles of the figure below are key project deliverables all through the advanced Lifecycle. CWPs, EWPs and IWPs are respectively acronyms for Construction Work Packages, Engineering Work Packages and Installation Work Packages.

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