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How effective is your company's Constructability Review (CR) process?

A strong constructability strategy is one of the key elements to delivering a successful construction project. While constructability reviews are common practice in the industry, many projects fail to use it in an adequate manner, allowing for timely and high quality information for the project. Below is a checklist of question a project team or program manager may use to identify the level of adequacy and the quality of his/her company's CR process.

  • Do you start you CR early in definition? (timing)

  • Do you have multiple CR sessions throughout the definition phase? (frequency)

  • Does your primary Construction Manager (CM) participate in the review? Will you have a new CM at execution? (continuity of strategy ownership and accountability)

  • Do you document your CR? (traceability)

  • Do you provide enough information as input to your CR (such as models, site reviews, technology considerations)? (quality)

  • Do you use corporate project knowledge in your CR? (lessons learned & continuous improvement)

  • How involved is your project sponsor in the CR? (alignment with business)

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