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AWP Implementation Challenges

AWP is meant to organize and drive the flow of information during the entire project lifecycle following a work packaging logic that is based on involving the relevant project stakeholders at the relevant time. Today, while more and more resources are being produced to guide project management professionals into using Advanced Work Packaging, there is little known about the challenges experienced by those who tried and the lessons learned that could benefit many projects in various industries.

Why is it important to collect information about implementation challenges?

-To be able to identify the challenges, categorize them and assess their impact

-To allow a continuous improvement of the AWP production system design

-To be able to identify each industry specific characteristics impacting its AWP experience

-To draw lessons learned

Below is a non-exhaustive list of challenges experienced by projects implementing AWP


StartFragmentDo you agree with these challenges? How significant are they?EndFragment Let us know here!

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